Wednesday, February 16, 2005


i watched Dong Puno last thursday ( yes, i finally had the courage to watch until 1am in the morning) and it was really intresting how Globe and Smart suddenly reacted to the 24/7 subscription plan of Sun Cellular, charging them with predatory pricing..( allowing the company to lose money just so they could kill the other companies) and bad service, claiming that it couldn't pass for the National Telecommunications Standard.

Okay Sun is really bad when it comes to calling .,it;s so hard to connect. well it actually depends on what time. but i hardly have problems texting. my friend did though. but its working well now. yes it's true. they have to improve their service. but come on, first of all theyre just starting. let us give them a chance. Second. it's almost free, and with the PINOY service in general. anything for free is usually in bad quality. oh and hey Globe and Smart started with really bad service, too. and they were actually charging more. so why the hell they are complaining now? with what they're doing..all the more they'll lose money.

actually, i was just in Globe yesterday to complain about my bill when i went to the states last year. imagine it went up to 27,000?!! it's okay if their service was great but no. i was not satisfied. text messages were delayed more than often than not. there was even this time when i sent an MMS to my brother. and he got it 2 weeks later. whe n he got back to the US. so excuse me, if they're talking about bad service, they might want to re-check their own?!!

irealy have to thank SUn for coming up with this idea. it's a wake up call to Globe and Smart that they are really charging too much. they're taking advantage of the fact that we FILIPINOs, love our cellphones so much. that there are 160 billion text messages sent a day. TALK ABOUT CAPITALISM to the FULLEST-- and they're slowy going down.....

i’m back! I’m alive! Readers, don’t worry. It flatters me that I am actually being missed here. Hehe! I didn’t go permanently offline. I just wandered off. Hehe.i can't wait to go to BORA!!!!!!!! BORA BORA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and actually last night..i was supposed to go out..with mah hommies..but it's one of those moments or times that we got together as a complete, bro. and ate arlyn..kat was there too!!! my sister. and her friends..klarisse and her baby..with my grandfather sitting in his wheelchair with a BIG SMILE on his face. he was happy. ate played the guitar and kat too..we were singin' songs.. old songs..and making the baby dance..we were all laughing..and remembering the good times.. hey! i could have missed that moment. thank God i decided not to there. it's still the family...........*tears*